Ecoscience - Guided Mangrove Ecological Tours

Walks for 2016 - February 6th ... World Wetland Day
Kickstart your mangrove knowledge with a free mangrove tour in the beautiful forest at Ludmilla Bay hosted by local mangrove ecologists.

The next tour is Saturday 6th February at 9am followed by morning tea.

We look forward to showing you the magnificent and mysterious mangrove flora and fauna in this very special part of Darwin Harbour.

Reservations are essential and can be made with Kristin Metcalfe
Phone: 0417 853 752

Where: 29 Ostermann St, Coconut Grove

Tour overview: The tour will begin with a short powerpoint presentation to introduce the mangrove environment and share some photos of the amazing wildlife and interesting plants that can be found there.
The walking tour will start directly outside 29 Ostermann St, Coconut Grove and we will guide you from the landward edge of the mangroves along a sandy track, through the forest to the expansive mudflats of Ludmilla Bay. Along the way, we will point out unique and interesting features of mangrove ecology. The walk and talk will take about two hours including morning tea, with further opportunities for questions and discussion.

What to bring: Hat and sun protection. Sturdy sandals or runners are fine (may get sandy or muddy). You may also like to bring a water bottle, camera, binoculars.

Ease of access: The Ludmilla Bay mangrove forest is a relatively easy walk suitable for people of all ages.

See our Photo Gallery Here