Macro Photography

EcoScience NT is proud to present our new macrophotography image system. We use an Olympus SZX-16 stereo microscope configured with a Nikon D7000 digital SLR 16.2 megapixel camera. This allows viewing of live or preserved samples from which we can take still images or video for you (specimens as small as 1 mm).
We also offer a 40 litre marine aquarium tank where we can capture digital stills or video of small marine animals such as fish, molluscs, corals and crustaceans. Our macro photographic imaging service can be done in both the laboratory and on site. We can also offer digital image processing services.
Some example images are provided below.
MP setup Camera setup for static photos
MP tank Camera setup for marine photos
Ellobidae species Ellobidae species
Haminoea species Haminoea species
Tornidae species Tornidae species
Truncatella guerini Truncatella guerini
Hippichthys species Hippichthys - Pipe fish